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Zolder the Promised Track!

Zolder the Promised Track!

Forty-eight victories were scored by truckers on Buggyra racing specials in the racing seasons 2001 – 2008. Regarding the average number of six victories per season it is nearly clear that this year Roudnice will celebrate the jubilee 50th cup triumph.

The first rank in won races is shared by David Vršecký and Gerd Körber, who both celebrated sixteen victories. While the German trucker scored seven victories in the SRT class (2001-2003) and nine triumphs in the RT class (2005-2006), David won two races in the SRT class (2002-2004) and his study is decorated with fourteen cups for race truck victories (2005-2008). The imaginary third rank is occupied by Markus Bösiger, who, however, managed all victories in merely two seasons (2007-2008), winning six races in each. Three triumphs in Buggyra trucks were scored by the “visiting Buggyra driver” Antonio Albacete in 2004, while Ludovic Faure won a single race in the course of his only season in the Roudnice team. This means in practice that all drivers so far driving a Buggyra have managed to win at least one cup race. Just two race tracks – Dijon and Alastaro – have not been “conquered” by any of the Buggyra drivers. For the sake of objectivity it must be added that Buggyra only started once in Dijon (2001), and the Finnish Alastaro saw two second ranks of Buggyras in 2002 and 2004 seasons scored by Körber and Vršecký. On the other hand Zolder has been the most successful track for Buggyras. Körber, Faure, Vršecký and Bösiger have together scored nine victories in Belgium.

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