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Six-time winner of the Dakar Rally!

 His career began in motocross back in 1974. He earned many accolades though out the years and in 1999, after 3 years of preparations, he entered his first ever Paris-Dakar Rally race with a goal to become the first Czech rider to finish the event on a quad bike. Until 2009, he managed to become a five-time winner of the Dakar Rally in the quad bike category. He is the most successful quad bike rider in the Experimental category ever in cross-country rallying. Since 2011, he switched his focus on his own buggy MD Rally Sport Optimus. At the Dakar Rally 2020, he joined forces with Buggyra Racing and entered the Side by Side category behind the wheel of a brand new Can-Am Buggyra MK50 XRS special. The main goal for that year was just to collect valuable data and finish the rally which, he did in 27th place. After five victories in the quad bike category, he added his sixth triumph in the light prototype category with the Can-Am DV21 special in 2021, making him also the oldest Dakar Rally winner.

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