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After Trouble Friday Lacko Right Under Podium

After Trouble Friday Lacko Right Under Podium

Adam Lacko improved his appetite in the first Saturday race when after start from the sixth starting position he finally ranked fourth after the twenty-lap race. David Vršecký ranked sixth after a long and thrilling duel with Gerd Korber.

The Saturday time practice at the Red Bull Ring literally became a struggle for every hundredth of a second. But first of all the red flag had its say when Stephanie Halm took a detour off the track. The track marshals needed more than half an hour to get the yellow MAN from the tyre barrier. Adam Lacko advanced to the Super Pole from the fifth rank, while David Vršecký advanced from the eighth rank. Both Buggyra pilots eventually even improved their ranks and Lacko finally occupied the third row in the starting grid, with the mere two hundredths loss behind the fourth rank. "I am glad the boys managed to put the truck together. Now we are heading in the right direction and are in close contact to the absolute top,“ said the satisfied Lacko after the time practice. Even though David Vršecký was only one tenth of a second slower than his team mate, his final rank was only eighth. "The result looks horrible but the lap time is not that bad,“ added Vršecký to his result.

Immediately after start the lead was taken by the pole man Norbert Kiss. Also Adam Lacko managed the start well, getting to the fifth rank in front of Markus Bösiger in a clean way. Lacko then struggled for the fourth rank with Benedect Major. However, the Hungarian pilot exceeded the track limits twice and five laps before the finish he was punished with a pass through the pit lane. Thus Lacko finished the first cup race right under the podium. "Today is very much different. After yesterday´ s trouble I have achieved the same lap times as the boys in the front and I control my truck much better. Of course I an happy with the fourth rank. I hope it is not going to rain before the start oft eh second race, that would certainly become very interesting then,“ was Adam Lacko´ s prediction for the second race.

On the other hand David Vršecký had to defend his eighth rank against the only domestic pilot Markus Altenstrasser. Vršecký reached the back of Gerd Körber, whom he tried to overtake in every lap but the oval Red Bull Ring makes it hard to think anything up  against experienced pilots. However, the Czech pilot did it two laps before the end. "For the whole race I circled stuck to the back of Gerd and could not think up anything. Eventually I ran below him in the first curve but I do not know what he did. He probably did not see me. Luckily I got out of that and exited from the curve with the sixth rank,“ was the evaluation of the first Austrian race by Vršecký.

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