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Petr Bosnakov - 22.10.2021

Buggyra gambled on youth and it worked

The race at the Misano circuit marked the end of a truck season in which Buggyra fought for the first time in its history with three trucks on two fronts. It was time to take stock.


Buggyra gambled on youth and it worked

Adam Lacko: Maximum possible (203 points, 3rd place)
The only driver not to miss a podium finish since 2015 and also the only one to defend his position from the 2019 season. The final third place is the result of a consistent performance that put Adam in contention for the title even before the final stop, albeit in theory. The team's best performance was in Zolder, where he beat the sovereign Norbert Kiss with 44 points, while the smallest gain of 24 points came in Misano. The race in Italy was the only one in which Adam did not finish on the podium this year. He has the lion's share of third place in the Constructors' Cup. 
Points: Hungaroring (32), Most (37), Zolder (44), Le Mans (33), Jarama (33), Misano (24)

Téo Calvet: Keep it up (88 points, 8th place)
The continuation of the family dynasty won the Rookie of the Year title after David Vršecký (2002) and Adam Lacko. A successful shake-up of forces ultimately had an impact on the final placing, as Téo also took the French Championship in addition to the European Championship. The 20-year-old's peak came in Most, where he scored 25 points and won the extremely valuable scalp of the most successful trucker in history, six-time continental champion Jochen Hahn. Due to the team's strategy, he preferred the prestigious national championship at Le Mans, which he eventually won as the youngest driver in history. In the very next race at Jarama, he took his first victory in an ETRC race. Téo finished second in the Goodyear Cup, and together with Adam, they finished third in the Constructors' Cup. With only 15 points behind sixth-placed Steffi Halm despite missing one of the races, he can boldly aim much higher next season. 
Points: Hungaroring (10), Most (25), Zolder (24), Jarama (17), Misano (12)

Aliyyah Koloc (2 points, 16th place)
Like Téo, Aliyyah also competed in the French championship and was probably the busiest racer of the season, in which she tried out the Dakar Can-Am, the e-formula, the Nascar European Series special, plus the Mercedes AMG GT3 and Mercedes AMG GT4 specials, in addition to the truck. She went into the European championship with the aim of taking part in the superpole and scoring points. Both were achieved in Jarama. The youngest and fastest trucker in history has extraordinary growth potential.


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