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Petr Bošnakov - 19.06.2020

Buggyra ready to rewrite the history again

As always, it will be big and fast. Maybe even the fastest in the world. And it should happen before the beginning of the summer holidays. But that is all that can be revealed at the moment…


Buggyra ready to rewrite the history again

Thousands of a second…

Despite the Buggyra management has placed a global embargo around the whole event, the team owner Martin Koloc has at least provided a little hint. As usual in the world of motorsport, apart from the driver, it is also going to be about the machine. And this time, it will feature a brand-new special, featuring revolutionary improvements thanks to a partnership with Techsoft Engineering s.r.o.

“Their engineers have taken the new vehicle through the virtual wind tunnel and did a maximum to optimize the aerodynamics – internally and externally. The new special is entering completely different dimensions,” said the team’s race engineer Robin Dolejš, who has also hinted that even thousands of a second will matter. The still-unnamed Buggyra will have incredible power. 



Full throttle and even a bit more…

David Vršecký is also going to be part of the event as he is still waiting for his racing season to begin. “At the moment, we’re working on the tyres, because the first part of the event is brutal on the grip. We need to carry over that engine power output, that will be set on full and even more, to the asphalt. Whatever you lose at the beginning, you won’t be able to gain back. In that case, it will be better to ease down and try again. Also, we need to consider the limited life of the tyres.”

According to the two-time European Truck Racing champion, they might be even thinking about crossing the magical 300 kph milestone. And it might happen less than 16 years since his last successful record attempt in Dubai, where he set the current world speed record in a truck on one kilometre with a rolling start. “Back then, I made it to the 294.2 kph. Of course, I was tempted to try to reach that 300 kph, for at least a second. But I was driving a vehicle that nobody else had before and our goal was to get over 280 kph, to set the new world record. After that, we tried to focus on 300, but the truck did not make it. This year, it could be different.”


The team is missing action

According to the team manager Jan Kalivoda, one of the reasons for such an event is to wake up the team. “For more than 25 years the drivers, engineers and mechanics live in some sort of rhythm. But suddenly, here we are, it’s June and we haven’t done a single race. Of course, we keep working on our vehicles, we test many racing specials, but we miss that action, to fight for something more than just beating lap times.”

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