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Petr Bošnakov - 08.10.2020

Buggyra Zero Mileage Racing: If you can’t continue, just push even more…

While in previous years, the beginning of October always marked the end of the truck racing championship and a switch towards Dakar Rally, this year, it is all different.


Buggyra Zero Mileage Racing: If you can’t continue, just push even more…

After Most, Nogaro, Zolder and Jarama, a highly successful trio of Adam Lacko, Téo Calvet and Aliayyah Koloc is already focusing on another batch of races. Meanwhile, the team is also finishing its preparations for the Dakar Rally that is set to take place in January. “As the Dakar takes place in Saudi Arabia, we’ve gained some time in comparison to when it was run in South America, but everything is different now,” says Petr Marek, the operational director of Buggyra Technology Centra and the head of logistics. “Especially, as when it comes to truck racing, there’s not much of a difference between preparing vehicles for the French national championship in Nogaro and the European championship in Most. Both races take the same amount of time in preparation, you can’t do anything in advance. And then you need to work on trucks and buggy cars for Dakar. Luckily, most of our mechanics are capable of working on all types of vehicles and they know that the times are difficult.”


According to the team owner Martin Koloc, the BTC’s team spirit is: “If you can’t continue, just push even more!” “Before the beginning of the season, when there was also an opportunity to race in the Chinese GT championship, we had agreed that we won’t waste time discussing why something is not possible. Also, due to some transactions that are currently in the pipeline, our mechanics will soon even like to remember how great and relaxing time they had in the BTC at the beginning of October 2020. The current times require great men and even greater actions,” adds laughing Martin.

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