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Petr Bošnakov - 27.08.2020

David Vršecký Introduces Premiere DV50 in Most

Fifteen years, six champions, that is the exact balance of the unified European Truck Racing Championship in the period 2005 – 2019. Only two of the Old Continent Champions will be missing on the starting line of the races in Most this year, Markus Bösiger (2007) and David Vršecký (2008 – 2009). However, while the Swiss pilot has probably closed his racing-related career, David Vršecký will have his own development, the DV50 racing special, in the game.


David Vršecký Introduces Premiere DV50 in Most

Need for Opposition

The developer himself speaks about a truck without compromise in this context. “Even though Adam sensationally won the very first race with the new VK50 in Misano, we were aware that we were still half-way with the truck development,“ explains the still fastest trucker of the planet. “Last season was virtually completely about permanent development and only at its end, in Le Mans and Jarama, the results began to approach our expectations. I dare say that we are in a completely different position with our DV50 today.“

David is pleased with the fact that he has lived to see his “own” Buggyra, after Martin Koloc and Václav Král, but does not overestimate this fact at all. “Even Aliyyah and Yasmeen already know that unlike tennis, motor sport is a collective discipline where the final result is based on cooperation of many people. The same applies to vehicle development. Even though I was free to do what I wanted, I requested opposition. In addition to Adam and Robin, who have vehicle development part of their “job description”, I also spoke about the truck with Martin Koloc. And I was even interested in Tomáš´s and Jarek´s opinions. What I certainly did not feel like doing was coming to Adam, handing him the keys and telling him “now it is your turn to win.“


All Needs Time

Participation of the quartet of European Champions in Most including Albacete, Hahn, Kiss and Lacko, tells the story of truck racing experience, in David´s words. “When Buggyra carried Emerson Fittipaldi and Tomáš Enge, they both agreed that the huge, strong and at first sight outlandish vehicle required precise driving. A drive in a pack of trucks is different from other motor sport disciplines, every centimetre counts. That is one more reason why truck racing is all about experience. For example Antonio Albacete has been written off by many, he appeared to race for fun only. And yet he finally ranked second last year,“ underlines David the results of the old Spanish war horse.

Experience-driven is also this year´s machine sharing among the Lacko – Calvet – Koloc trio. “The pilot has always greatly influenced truck development at Buggyra. The vestry, including me, Robin and Adam as well as fathers Koloc and Calvet, unambiguously agreed that premature confrontation of Theo and Aliyyah with DV50 does not make sense. All needs time.“

DV50, a truck without compromise, follows VK 50, the truck for Adam, which he chose, as he had the pre-emption right to grant it the first hits, will be more instructive for the young, they will learn more with it as it corresponds better to their experience, while Adam can apply his to shift DV forward. There is no point in confronting AK with the technological top, every finished race will be her success.

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