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Petr Bosnakov - 11.11.2020

DV 50: Great truck that will get even better

Despite the FIA has decided to prematurely end this year’s European championship and not to award the title, the previous races at Most, Nogaro, Zolder, Jarama and Hungaroring have proven that the first David Vršecký’s truck has been 100% successful.


DV 50: Great truck that will get even better

It is not just about trophies and wins, but mostly about data. “We had some indications from the FIA that it might happen, so, we’ve been fully focusing on preparing four vehicles for Dakar since the second half of October, so there hasn’t been the time yet to fully get into the data analysis,” explains David Vršecký. “However, we were looking into some data from the races and we’ve been lucky that apart from Most, each race took place on a difficult circuit where Adam could test every component.”


 And the preliminary analysis shows that there is still some potential when entering the corners. “After Dakar, we want to start working on the front axle. While it might not look like that, our truck has an engine before the cabin, misses a pendulum type of move that other specials have. We need to find another 1 kph when entering the corner. It might seem just like a little unimportant detail, but today’s truck racing is about thousands of a second,” explains the 2-time European champion and still the fastest trucker in the world.


However, there is a big satisfaction with traction. “Our data from all the circuits show that we’ve managed to carry almost 100% of the performance to the asphalt. Considering how strong Adam can be in wet conditions, there are good times ahead for us,” says David Vršecký.

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