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Janiec As God?

Janiec As God?

As we live in a democratic society, each of us is entitled to form his or her personal opinion of any event. The same applies to the reporter of the MKR Technology team, whether his opinion was formed independently or under “guidance” of the team management.

Luckily there is enough video material in the networks on the basis of which a sensible individual will form a reasonable opinion of the situation in question. Despite that let me make a couple of factual notes. In the first place the author tries to impose the idea that the triple European champion Albacete and double European champion Vršecký made fatal mistakes after the start, which damaged the more or less mediocre pilot Anthony Janiec. However, then I cannot understand why the allegedly Albacete hit and Vršecký blocked Janiec got out of the collision with his truck absolutely intact while Antonio ´s MAN and David ´s Buggyra were turned to a heap of immobile scrap? People say that numbers never lie. In the course of this season ´s ten racing weekends the pilots fought for participation in twenty super field time practices. While the “culprits” of the collision, Albacete and Vršecký, missed none of the super fields, Janiec proceeded among the elite ten just seven times, of which twice in Le Mans. Until the last race on the domestic ground his best raking of all was his seventh rank in Albacete, where he lost 2.774 seconds after the quickest lap time of Jochen Hahn and started from the fourth row. In Jarama, one week before Le Mans, the gates to the super field remained hermetically closed for Tony. A break point came in Le Mans, though. On Saturday Janiec ranked sixth in the super field time practice. On Sunday he even ranked third, with a loss of mere 0.649 seconds behind the quickest lap time of Vršecký. The so far inconspicuous chap thus left behind European champions Hahn, Albacete and Bösiger, as well as his team mate Lacko. Does this mean that a new phantom of super field was born in the course of the seven days before the last racing weekend? Not at all! The explanation of the miraculous acceleration is quite straightforward. Before Le, Mans Anthony Janiec was not among the best ten pilots of the championship. For that reason the tyre drawing under the supervision of FIA did not apply to him. And to his team management gave him the so called “quick tyres”, which catapulted him to the second row on Sunday. But as the French pilot soon recognised, there was a big difference between starting from the second row and from the fourth, or fifth row. Everything is somewhat quicker there! Unfortunately, the price for Antonio ´s new knowledge was a mass collision and Albacete in hospital. Despite that I would like to defend Janiec a little. If a fire is started by a small child or an insane individual, then the parent or carer who gave the matches to the firebug is liable. I hope this will in future also be realised by the liable managers of the junior team MKR Technology. Quick tyres cannot be used by insufficiently experienced pilots! In terms of a conclusion I would like to quote the manager of MKR Technology Mario Kress (source: "What accompanied us in the past two weeks was incredible. Not even a second of good luck, and only after this Saturday I began to believe for the first time that this season might not be completely lost for us. Rather to the contrary, as if somebody up there saw everything and turned things in our favour in the very last moment, for what happened on Sunday was unbelievable,” commented Mario Kress, this time with a happy smile. To tell the truth, I do not understand Mario ´s statement at all. Is Janiec to be the “somebody up there” who really turned everything upside down in the last moment? And does the happy smile hide pleasure with Albacete in hospital and three completely demolished trucks? If this is true then the Christian values of Herr Kress are very doubtful!

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