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Kolomý Trains for Dakar in China, Vršecký and Lacko Win a Cup

Kolomý Trains for Dakar in China, Vršecký and Lacko Win a Cup

Success of the Buggyra team in this season attracted organizers of the Chinese truck racing series who invited Adam Lacko, David Vršecký and Martin Kolomý to take part in the last part of the local championship. The Czech mission was successful in Asia as well and brought home a cup for winners.

The final race of the season of the popular truck series was held in Xiantian and visited by crowds of enthusiastic visitors as usual. They showed great interest in the pilots of the Buggyra team, who won a duel with the victorious team of the Chinese series Zero mileage Lubricant. "I must say we were much surprised with the result. It was a circuit rather suitable for Martin, for it was of off-road nature. Eventually Adam and I managed together to achieve a time which brought us victory," described David Vršecký his experience. "One of the decisive aspects probably also was nervousness and penalisation of our rivals for a knocked down skittle, so I do respect the local pilots and their performance. For us it definitely was wonderful experience,“ added Adam Lacko to David ´s comment.


On invitation of President of the Chinese truck committee Li Shang Xiong China was also visited by the Buggyra team manager Jan Kalivoda. "The invitation certainly was a nice enlivening of our busy programme. The local truck racing series enjoys great interest of the public and local organizers in addition want to follow the European championship and hold a circuit series, already next year. Obviously they were very interested in our experience and observations," said Kalivoda, adding: "We have also visited the manufacturing line of the biggest Chinese automobile factory Dongfeng Liuzhou Motor Co., producing around fifty thousand trucks a year. They were just introducing a new model Balong7 and wanted our team to test it.“


"A very pleasant and comfortable ride. If we understood it well this model should become he basis for construction of a new racing special. This will require a lot of changes but the basis is certainly very good,“ was Vršecký ´s comment on the new truck. The visit was also greatly appreciated by the sales director of the automobile factory Liu Zhi Gang who was very curious to learn about functioning of truck racing in Europe. "They were mainly interested in the technological standards of European racing specials. Although it is true that their technical standards lag behind Europe, the media and marketing aspect is on a very high level, which is also evidenced by the fact that this event was broadcast live on CCTV. Our President Manuel Vidal visited China some time ago too and the local organizers would like to make their emerging truck racing series as professional as possible,“ added Kalivoda. The whole event also enjoyed great governmental support and members of Chinese government were even personally present in the venue.


The racing programme was also attended by Martin Kolomý, who understood his visit to China as preparation for the approaching Dakar rally. "On Friday we tried to drive as much as possible to get acquainted with the local conditions. I liked the style, as it was much of my own specialisation and so I made use of the experience to train for Dakar. Their trucks are very different and so comparison is difficult. The local pilots clearly had a lot of experience with the local track and so we did not want to discredit ourselves. The race was a parallel race, which was a certain enlivening of the experience,“ added Martin Kolomý.


In the course of the visit to China the delegation of the Buggyra team also visited local historic sights such as the Chinese Wall or the Heavenly Peace Square and tasted the famous Beijing duck. "Organisation of our visit was very professional and the welcome of the local population was very warm. I would like to thank the brand director Mrs. Chai YingLing, who prepared a really rare experience to us and together with President of the Chinese truck racing organisation prepared the whole visit of the Czech delegation there. I think that the outcome of the visit was satisfactory for both sides and we already discussed further cooperation in the context of preparation of the new race truck series on Chinese circuits. This certainly was not our last visit to China," concluded Jan Kalivoda. 


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