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Lacko Silver, Vršecký Bronze. Buggyra Fixes Leading Rank

Lacko Silver, Vršecký Bronze. Buggyra Fixes Leading Rank

Adam Lacko and David Vršecký have succeeded in the Saturday contest of the European Race Truck Championship at Nürburgring in Germany. Adam ranked second in the first race of the day and David happily added the third rank in the following race. In both cases the gold in the team competition belonged to the Czech Buggyra team.

Cup Race 1

After a night shower Adam Lacko showed the strength of his Big Boy in the morning warm-up by compelling victory demonstrating that the performed minor changes in the chassis setting were to the good. After start of the first weekend race the leading train included Kiss, Lacko, Hahn and Vršecký, who moved to the fourth rank by overtaking Albacete. David even found himself side by side with the third ranking Hahn, but the latter managed to defend his position. Adam Lacko followed the leading Hungarian pilot in the first laps but in the middle of the race he had problems with the German pilot Hahn. The Buggyra pilot managed to keep him behind his back, though. “Kiss again had wings and rushed forward and nothing could be done about that. But the second rank is super and confirms my overall ranking in the championship,” said the happy Adam after the race.

David Vršecký driving the second Czech truck collected score points for the fourth rank helping Buggyra win the Constructors´ Cup. “This was an interesting start, after which Hahn and Albacete chased each other in front of me and I nearly overtook both of them. Hahn eventually defended his rank. Though. I fulfilled my task to my satisfaction,“ said David after the race.

Cup Race 2

The starting grid of the second race showed a reversed order of the first eight ranks form the previous race and so David Vršecký started from the third row and Adam Lacko from the fourth. The start, like usually at Nürburgring, was watched by crowded tribunes and the spectators saw a god deal of a drama this time. Ellen Lohr made Adam Lacko ´s truck a jumping board and ended in the very second curve. Adam also paid for this by dropping to the eighth rank after Reinert. David, on the other hand, started excellently and moved to the third rank after Albacete and Körber. David tried to get in front of his former team mate to the second rank but the experienced Gerd kept calm and defended his rank. David in addition had to watch for Hahn and Kiss behind him. “I started successfully and that was decisive. I wanted to try Gerd but there were yellow flags at two points on the track and made my intention unrealistic. I am satisfied with today´s progress for we both managed to fulfil the goals we defined for ourselves,” pointed David to the two victories of Buggyra in the Constructors´ Cup.

Adam Lacko was in a difficult situation from the very beginning of the race. “I do not know exactly what happened but I could see in my rear view mirror just the chassis of the truck driven by the domestic pilot Ellen. It looked like she made my truck her jumping board. I am glad nothing serious happened to my truck and I could continue. The points for the sixth rank will come in handy,“ said Adam after the race. The Buggyra team manager Jan Kalivoda received two top awards of the Constructors´ Cup on Saturday and the Czech team fixed their position in the overall team ranking by the advantage of twelve points. “What to say to that? Of course I am satisfied. Both Adam and David performed excellently. Considering that David submits his driving fully to the team result I am glad he could climb the podium today. He fulfils his tasks at 100% and the results correspond to this,“ commented the satisfied Kalivoda on the Saturday happenings.

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