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Petr Bosnakov - 02.06.2021

New season to test Buggyra’s logistics

Successful global Buggyra team is adding another truck racing championship. Apart from traditional entry in the European series, the team will also compete in the French championship.


New season to test Buggyra’s logistics

As we have informed last week, while Adam Lacko is fully focused on the European championship, Aliyyah Koloc and Téo Calvet are set to combine the European series with the French national championship. So, after the opening round of the French season in Charade, the team needs to move everything to Hungaroring. “We’re working with two variants. If it goes well, we’ll just take both trucks and will do the service in Hungary. However, if there is any damage, the most important parts will be fixed in France, while the rest of the vehicle is going to be checked in Roudnice. I have a special team of mechanics ready to work in shifts if necessary,” explains Pavel Knittel as head of global operations. “Luckily, Hungaroring is just a few hundred kilometres away. It’s good that Nürburgring is scheduled two weeks after Nogaro in France, and there will be more than a month before Most. Then, we face two races in just nine days, in Albi and Zolder, but that’s how it is.”


In case that the French championship would be immediately followed by races in Spain, Italy or Belgium, Aliyyah’s and Téo’s specials would have to be repaired in a team base at Nogaro. “Téo Calvet has his own mechanics, who can easily handle the basic service. If they wouldn’t be able to do it, we can send in our own people. We have a logistics warehouse with spare parts and we’re keeping it fully stock. It’ll be very difficult by the end of the season when we face four races in just three weeks. But I’m sure we can handle it,” says the race engineer Robin Dolejš.

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