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Petr Bosnakov - 17.12.2020

They said in 2020 (August – December)

The second and final part of the 2020 quotes from the Buggyra Racing team members, after this unusual year.


They said in 2020 (August – December)

“After Dakar, we’ll start working on the front-axle geometry. Our truck with a cabin behind the engine lacks the pendulum movement that other specials have. We need to be entering the corners by at least 1 kilometre per hour faster. While that might sound like it’s not important, today’s truck racing is about thousands of a second,” said David Vršecký about his plans for the DV 50 truck.


“I agree with David that the automatic gearbox is going to help me in the dunes, and I’ll have much more time to do the actual driving. At least that’s what I believe in right now,” shared Martin Šoltys his opinion about having an automatic gearbox on the Tatra Phoenix special for the first time.


“I should be able to tell by the end of October that, in case the Dakar 2021 is going to happen, and I believe that it will, I should have a Can-Am that’s better by at least two generations than the quad bike I had this year,” rated Josef Macháček his new racing special.


“Dakar is like building a house. First, you need a project and a concrete base, then you can finally start building something that nobody can take away anymore. My head is clear, I know that I can’t allow it to get to me and I’ll be there to learn. In January, I want to start building something in Saudi Arabia that I would like to use to improve more and more in the future,” said Tomáš Enge after returning from testing in Dubai.


“He’s going to race against the best of the best. And a multi-tonne vehicle that has completely different behaviour in dunes than a quad bike. Of course, he’s a great racing driver, but it’s going to take some time,” said a five-time quad bike category winner Josef Macháček about chances for Ignacio Casale, a three-time quad bike category winner, who is going switching categories in Dakar.


“The most important thing was, that we had any races at all. In Autumn, I actually ran my usual number of races. I never missed a podium at Most, Nogaro, Zolder, Jarama and Hungaroring. And I’ve never won so many races before. It wouldn’t be probably right towards former champions, including me, to award the European Championship title based on two events,” commented Adam Lacko the FIA decision.


“When I was watching it on Sunday, I couldn’t understand it. What Aliyyah is doing is completely incomprehensible. In just one week, she was able to deal with two totally different racing circuits. While the track at Most offers a rhythm and it’s an easy track, Nogaro is more for drivers who are not afraid to go for it,” said David Vršecký after Aliyyah Koloc took her first victory in truck racing.


“Yasmeen wasn’t anywhere. Then there was an ambulance and suddenly we heard on a radio ‘Tomas, Tomas’ as my daughter was calling for her mentor Tomáš Enge. That was a horrible feeling,“ said Martin Koloc, a team boss and a father, about a situation when Yasmeen crashed during the Formula 4 race at Grobnik, Croatia.


“The girls came to me that they want to race. Our key partners don’t see a problem in it, so why not to try it?” commented Martin Koloc the news that his daughters Aliyyah and Yasmeen want to race at Dakar Rally in 2023.


“It doesn’t make too much sense, but on the other hand, we’re delighted that the Dakar is going to happen at all. Luckily, the organisers have a previous experience from the Tour de France earlier this year, which went unexpectedly well, despite all the issues,” said the team manager Jan Kalivoda about some testing procedures before Dakar Rally 2021.

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