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Petr Bošnakov - 04.09.2020

Young guns to race at Nogaro this weekend

Just a week after the start of the European championship at Most, the French championship now follows with the opening round of the season at Nogaro. And Adam Lacko will be joined there by two Buggyra Academy drivers – Téo Calvet and Aliyyah Koloc. They are all going to race at this very fast circuit, that is also much more difficult and complicated in comparison to Most.


Young guns to race at Nogaro this weekend

Despite it might seem just as ‘a small local championship,’ the team boss Martin Koloc sees it as a big opportunity for the young guns. He has agreed on that with Téo’s father Fabien Calvet, who he knows from the track as they used to battle each other in the second half of the 90s. And they know that there is nothing like an easy race. “The only way, how the young drivers can improve, is to race, race and race again. Yes, it costs money, but I believe that every invested euro into the youngsters is going to return. Also, that’s what this academy is about.”


While Aliyyah heads to the foothills of the Pyrenees to gain as many kilometres behind the wheel as possible and hopes to score some points, Téo Calvet has much bigger ambitions. “We have a base at Nogaro. Téo knows every metre of the track and he should show that. We talk about him with Robin, Adam and David and we all agree that he has the right racing DNA. Since Adam, I haven’t seen a 20-year-old guy with such potential. Buggyra doesn’t have to worry about its young drivers,” says Martin Koloc.


Aliyyah’s mentor David Vršecký also said that the only thing that Most and Nogaro have in common is asphalt. But that is something that should not hamper the mental side of Aliyyah’s preparations. “We were wondering if the points in the European championship are going to affect Aliyyah in some way, but nothing like that. She’s completely fine and fully concentrated.” According to David, who won a couple of races at Nogaro, she is going to face a very narrow and technically very difficult circuit. But also a local competition. “Aliyyah is going to face drivers, who have done many many more laps at Nogaro. The whole region lives with rugby and truck racing. Also, the local boys and men will want to show themselves. They do not have anything special in technical terms, but that also means they’re less worried about a hit or two…”


But for Adam Lacko, the Nogaro weekend will be more like testing.“It’s well-known that I like racing, so if there’s an opportunity to race, I went for it. The Nogaro track is going to test our truck and if the youngsters are going to need some support, I don’t have any problem with that.”

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